Basket Strainers

Simplex Basket StrainerBasket Strainers are used commonly in horizontal applications where cleaning will be less frequent. Because of their larger bodies, basket pipe strainers typically provide more open area for debris collection than flanged Y-strainers. The straining element (a.k.a the "basket") for a basket strainer has a handle for easy removal and secure placement within the strainer's body. The basket can have a slanted top design (as shown to the left) or a straight top design.

Simplex basket strainer features include large straining capacities, precision machined seats, standard blow-off drain connections and cover vents furnished with plugs, and many screen options. All cast iron and carbon steel pipe strainer basket filter units are epoxy painted to resist rust; all threaded end connections have hex ends for easy installation. Many models of our filter strainer baskets have gauge taps as a standard feature. Titan also offers a variety of cover designs, including a quick-open cover for easy access to the straining element.