Ball Cone Check

Apollo Ball Cone Check Valves

  • Bodies:  Stainless Steel, Bronze, or Brass
  • Connections:  Threaded or Solder
  • Apollo Series:  61-100, 61-200, 61-500, 61-600, 61-700, 62-100, 62-500


Series 61 and lead free (61LF) check valves feature bronze body construction and are available in sizes 1/4” to 3” for use with water, steam, oil, air and inert gases. Series 62 model in stainless steel with investment cast body are sized from 1/4” to 2” for use in more severe applications and corrosive environments.  61 and 62 Series check valves are available with either RPTFE ball cone or elastomer soft seats. They come equipped with 316 stainless steel springs. All wetted parts are bronze/brass (61 Series) or stainless steel (62 Series).

Apollo’s 61 and 62 Series feature short check travel and spring assisted closing. This ensures the valve closes quickly, before reversal of flow, helping to eliminate water hammer, its associated noise, and damage to piping and machinery.

Apollo’s standard 61 and 62 Series checks operate at a low 1/2 psi cracking pressure. An extra-light-spring version of the valve is available as an option. A 5-pound or 10-pound cracking pressure spring is also available on models through 1”.

Patented Apollo Ball Cone® check valves (61-100, 61-200 and 62-100) feature a tight-sealing RPTFE ball-shaped check which seats against the conical interior face of the valve’s metal retainer. This simple design provides exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion. But, where even tighter sealing is required, choose the 61-500 or 61-600, featuring EPDM (elastomer) seat or 62-500, featuring a Fluorocarbon (Viton®) seat, for a bubble-tight seal. A Nitrile seat is optional.

In any liquid or gas system where reverse flow cannot be tolerated, a quick-responding check valve is a necessity. Check valves that close slowly permit flow reversal to occur in the line which can cause severe mechanical shock. As the valve finally seats, high peak pressure pulses and shock waves are generated on the downstream side due to the media being forced to a sudden stop. Upstream, the momentum is not restricted which can create voids in the flow, filling with air or vapor to cause additional, lower frequency shock waves. These shock waves added together are known as water hammer. It can cause extensive damage or failure to pipelines, gaskets, supports, hardware and equipment. The result can be expensive, troublesome; even dangerous.
With Apollo ball cone check valves, the potential for water hammer is greatly reduced since the check returns to its seat before flow velocity reaches zero. Apollo’s check valves set the standard for compact, economical protection against reverse flow. They provide reliable service in liquids or gases at various temperature and pressure combinations. Because of their simple design, they’re versatile and easy to maintain.

Horizontal, vertical or upside down; liquid, air and gases; Apollo’s in-line checks operate in any orientation. Where frequent opening and closing cycles occur, vertical orientation with upward flow is best. This saves time and money, eliminating the need to stock separate vertical and horizontal-operating valves. It also makes new or replacement installation less of a headache.
*Ball cone check valves are not recommended for use with reciprocating pumps and similar applications. Low flows may result in undesirable noise and premature valve failure.

Apollo check valves are at home in applications from residential boilers to tough process systems, including:
Industries where Apollo’s check valves are used include Pulp & Paper, Chemical Processing, Agrichemical, Rubber, Petroleum, Primary Metals, Mining,
Power Generation, Textiles, Food and Beverage, Building Construction and Maintenance.
• Evaporators
• Boiler Feed
• Water Lines
• Steam Lines
• Cookers
• Chiller Systems
• Steam Tracer Lines
• Salt Water Injection
• Rubber/Plastic Presses
• Autoclaves
• Sterilizers
• Air and Gas Lines
• Metering Pumps
• Casing Vents
• Condensate Return Lines
• Chemical Lines