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We've got business-to-business solutions. Business moves faster and faster these days. PipingNow offers B2B services to ease our customers procurement and operations. You will save money and time with our business-to-business solutions. PipingNow is here to make your job easier with efficient checkout, pricing bundles, on-site services, and streamlined reordering. No matter the order, we making shopping with us an enjoyable experience. 

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Large Inventory:

Having a hard time finding the item you're looking for? Not only does PipingNow have one of the largest piping inventories in the United States, but we also offer custom parts, cut pipe lengths, and sizes others don't have. PipingNow takes the guesswork out of your next project, so you don't have to stress. 

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Quality People & Quality Products:

PipingNow is proudly based in New Orleans, LA. We have served the piping industry for over 35 years. When you call our office, you can count on speaking to one of our experts, who is prepared to answer any question you may have. We are dedicated to providing quality customer service and promise to take care of your piping needs. 



Checkout with P.O. 

Checkout with a PO and get 30 day terms.  Complete the credit application and attach your tax certificates (if applicable).  Email to Once the first initial purchase is established, future orders are streamlined. It is also easier to confirm orders when they are received by referencing the printed invoice. Checking our with purchase orders also help with budgeting and planning future expenses. 

Easy Reordering 

At PipingNow we value efficiency. Past purchases are available for you to quickly fill a cart and checkout. This reordering service saves you time, making it easier to restock as needed.   

Pipe Fitting Kits 

Tired of purchasing the same long list of items over and over? Let us simplify the process for you, with one of our best selling pipe fitting kits or we can customize a kit specifically for you. Save on buying a long list of items when they can be combined into a custom kit. These custom kits are made to fit your needs, removing the time used for compiling your cart. 

Blanket Orders 

When you create a blanket order with PipingNow, you lock in a negotiated price, which ensures availability with regularly shipped items. This helps get your order shipped faster. 

Custom Parts 

Need a custom fitting size or pipe length?  We can handle that!  We have relationships with a network of quality domestic and import manufacturers ready to produce pipe fittings, flanges and valves just for you and in a timely manner!  This includes custom lengths, ODs, odd bends, unique applications and special alloys. For any job or project we promise to provide the specific product you're looking for. To do so, simply submit your drawing for a quote on non-standard items by contacting us at or calling 833-290-3800. 

Contract Pricing 

PipingNow offers fixed pricing. Fixed pricing allows predictability on products in both the short term and long term. Inquire with your salesperson today!

VMI Bin Stocking

PipingNow will work with you to tailor a bin stocking program to fit your operations and the benefits are definitely worthwhile!  You will see reduced costs and delivery fees, less burdens on employees and have controlled quantities.

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