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Does PipingNow.com provide Mill Test Reports (MTRs) for their orders? 

Absolutely.  MTRs are available for all pipe, flange, buttweld, pressure fitting (3000# & 6000#), and nipples.  MTRs are also available for some valves depending upon the manufacturer.  The 150# cast fittings do not come with MTRs from the factory, but we can provide a Certificate of Conformance upon request.  


What is the country of origin for the pipe, valves, and fittings sold by PipingNow.com? 

PipingNow.com sources material globally.  The products offered on the site are from both Domestic and Import sources.  All are quality manufacturers with documented quality assurance programs.  If you have country of origin restriction, please let us know in advance of an order and we will comply.  Depending upon the list of countries an upcharge may apply.  The countries of origin listed on our site are for our standard inventory, occasionally substitution may be made based upon demand.


Does product from PipingNow.com comply with "Buy America" restrictions? 

Yes, the majority of our fittings and flanges do comply with Buy America.  Contact us via email at info@pipingnow.com or call 504.212.8473 to confirm in advance of placing your order.  We also stock materially to meet DFARS requirements.  Depending upon the exact item and quantity an upcharge may apply. 


 Are the manufactures offered by PipingNow.com on Approved Manufacturer Lists (AMLs)?  

Yes and no.  Every AML is different.  If you have a specific list, please share it with us and we'll be sure to offer material meeting your needs. 


Is the product offered on PipingNow.com PED approved? 

Yes most of the product sold by PipingNow.com are Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED) approved.  We can provide copies of the PED approvals along with the MTRs, but the request must be made in advance of an order and in some cases and upcharge may be necessary.


How about the NSF/ANSI 61 & NSF/ANSI 372 standards?  Can PipingNow.com provide pipe and fittings to meet the clean water standards?


We are familiar with the Safe Drinking Water Act and can provide product meeting the standards.  Be sure to notify us in advance of an order so that we can be sure to provide the proper material.

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