Viega manufactures and supplies a range of press fit piping systems, including the renowned ProPress, MegaPress, MegaPressG, and MegaPress XL lines. Available at, these systems are designed to deliver superior piping solutions across various sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, and marine environments.

The innovative press fit technology is engineered for efficiency, providing a fast and secure connection that significantly reduces installation time compared to traditional methods. Ideal for applications in heating, plumbing, and cooling systems, Viega’s press fit products ensure a durable and leak-proof fit, enhancing system integrity and longevity.

Each product in our Viega press fit range meets rigorous standards of performance and safety, making them a preferred choice for professionals looking to optimize their piping installations. Discover the advantages of Viega press fit technology on and equip your project with one of the industry’s leading piping solutions.