Choosing Between Eccentric and Concentric Pipe Reducers

Apr 3rd 2019

Pipe reducers are generally used for fulfilling hydraulic flow requirements of different engineering projects. They act as a valuable tool for modifying pipe size without breaking the continuity of the system. Depending upon the project-specific needs, users can choose between eccentric and concentric stainless steel pipe reducers. Due to their distinct constructional and application differences, it is important to choose the right match for your project.

Concentric reducers
If your goal is to maintain symmetry around the fitting and reduce the flow rate at a constant pace, concentric reducers are the best option for you. They can be used for connecting pipes of different diameters in a cost-effective manner. These reducers maintain uniformity in the system since the axes of both the connecting pipes coincide in this case. Such reducers are mainly used in vertical lines for transportation of slurry and abrasive fluids.

Eccentric reducers
In eccentric reducers, the diameter of the fitting undergoes a steady transition over a constant length. These reducers prove to be of great help when axes of the connecting pipes do not necessarily coincide. Eccentric stainless steel pipe reducers require comparatively lesser installation space. Improper installation of these reducers can result in formation of cavities at the pump suction. If you are looking for reducers that can absorb fluid borne noises, then eccentric reducers are a better option for you.

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