Quality is the driving force behind everything Viega does. It’s the heart of our company’s identity, and it has been that way for more than 120 years. Each of our fittings comes with a promise of quality and versatility on the job, no matter the application. Whatever your next project, choose Viega to get it done.

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ProPress is probably most commonly used for potable water, but it is approved for many other applications:


• Hot and cold potable water
• Rainwater/graywater
• Chilled water
• Hydronic heating water
• Fire sprinkler
• Steam (low-pressure, residential)


• Ethanol
• Lube oil
• Heating fuel oil
• Diesel fuel


• Compressed air
• Nitrogen
• Carbon dioxide
• Carbon monoxide
• Argon
• Oxygen
• Hydrogen
• Vacuum

Special Media
• Acetone


MegaPress is approved for more than 800 applications, everything from fuel oil and compressed air to water and steam. But just because you don’t see a specific application listed on our spec sheets, doesn’t mean you can’t use MegaPress. If you don’t see the medium or application in which you’re interested, contact at Chances are we’ll be able to answer the question right away; if not, we’ll research it and get back to you.


  • For use with Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe
  • More than 150 configurations from ½" to 2"
  • 3-piece ball valves with stainless ball


  • For use with Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe
  • HBNR sealing element approved for use in gas and fuel oil applications
  • Over 200 configurations from ½" to 4"
  • Ball valves up to 2” are available in 4 connection configurations including built-in union
  • Approved for underground applications in accordance with code and local AHJ

MegaPress FKM

  • For use with Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe
  • FKM sealing element for installation in higher temperature applications
  • More than 200 configurations from ½" to 4"
  • 3-piece ball valves with blowout-proof stem and stainless ball
  • For use in hydronic heating, compressed air, fire protection, cooling water

MegaPress Stainless

  • 304 and 316 IPS stainless steel alloys available
  • For use with Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 pipe
  • MegaPress Stainless 316 comes with EPDM (NSF certified) or FKM sealing elements
  • 3-piece ball valves for both alloys